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Buying on Emotion: What Sarah McLachlan Can Teach You About Consumers

We all like to think we are rational and responsible beings. Even your underachieving uncle has said, “you have a great head on your shoulders” since you were twelve. However, in reality, emotion plays a huge role in our decision-making processes. From fear, to joy, to guilt, to adventure, advertisers have come to realize the importance of various emotions in nudging consumers a certain way to make buying decisions.

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Retargeting for Ecommerce

It is engrained in my mind as a Digital Strategist to note (and critique) every detail of how a brand markets to me throughout the ecommerce sales funnel. In the last couple weeks I have paid particularly close attention to companies who employ Retargeting.

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6 Tips for a Successful Ecommerce New Year

Now that you’re done ringing in the New Year, it’s time to look ahead to make 2017 even more successful than last year was for your business. If you haven’t already developed an ecommerce plan for 2017 then you definitely need to start now! There are a few key things that will fuel your growth this year as an industry-leading ecommerce store.

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How to Analyze Your Ecommerce Holiday Performance

For most in the retail business, the holiday season represents the best time of the year, in terms of the volume of sales figures. But for your e-commerce business, just how successful was it? There are a number of metrics which can be used to gauge the performance of your e-commerce business, apart from pure sales dollars, and there are a number of tools available which can be used to accomplish these measurements.

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How Mobile Marketing is Changing the Way Users Shop Online

Only a few years ago, shopping online meant sitting in front of a computer and browsing through endless websites for items of interest. That model has now been completely replaced, as Americans now use smartphones and other mobile devices to accomplish their online and in-store shopping. At least 65% of American adults are in possession of a smartphone, and that percentage is even considerably higher among younger adults.

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Why Your Ecommerce Site Needs an Email Sign-Up

Many of the nation’s fastest growing ecommerce companies are also some of the most effective at leveraging email marketing, and this is no coincidence. The explanation behind this phenomenon is simple — collecting email addresses from prospective and returning customers is the best way to build and maintain relationships with consumers!

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Four Ways that Brands Are Leveraging UGC

Social media hasn’t just completely changed the way we communicate and share, it’s also revolutionized how we shop and make our purchasing decisions. You may want to consider using user-generated content to enhance your eCommerce site.

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The Holidays Are Coming Up, Is Your Website Ready?

Moving into October the holidays will be here before we know it. Now is the time to start planning your ecommerce strategy to capitalize on the huge increase in shopping that leads up to the holidays. Below is a checklist to make sure your website is ready.

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Online Grocery Shopping Through Shipt Offers Better Experience Than In-Store

I had almond milk and cinnamon life cereal delivered directly to my door at 7am this morning. This is a significant eCommerce milestone in that it shows the $700 billion dollar food industry (who has been notoriously slow to adopt eCommerce) has successfully implemented a long overdue “On-Demand Grocery Delivery” service in the US.

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