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How We Work: CI/CD Methodology for Development

At Brand Labs we utilize a CI/CD method to development, continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment. This fast and effective process allows us to move quickly on releases and bug fixes so we can keep the consumer happy and the conversions coming! The result? Quicker code reviews and issue resolution through fault isolations which means better code, design, development and a better ROI for our clients!

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Migrations Made Easier

Website migrations present a host of challenges and potential issues, any of which could cause a crisis of cascading problems in the future. Sometimes migrations are as simple as moving from an unsecured environment (HTTP) to a secured one (HTTPS). Sometimes migrations are extremely complex transitions from one ecommerce platform to another.

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Headwinds or Opportunities: Volusion Customers Look Ahead

With the recent news that ecommerce platform provider Volusion filed for Chapter 11 after it was breached, and more than 239,000 credit card records absconded and subsequently sold on the dark web for more than $1.6 million, it leaves many to wonder if the estimated 180,000 businesses relying on the solution might feel they’re at a crossroad.

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Methodological vs. Methodical. It Makes a Difference

As you might be inclined to think given our name, a lot of groundbreaking stuff comes from behind the doors of the Brand Labs. OK, so it’s less a lab and more a space conducive to solving all things development and eCommerce, but we assure you it’s no less science-y!

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The Brand Question: To Evolve Or Not To Evolve

Ever come across an old picture of yourself? What were you wearing? How about that hair? And your reaction? Exactly. We’ve all been there and we’ve all had the same reaction: Wow. I was awesome! (We’re actually laughing because we only wish that’s how it went. It usually ended with something like, “Please don’t post this anywhere”). Honestly, the analogy alone is enough to answer the question of why it’s important to evolve your brand...

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