About Us

We’re Ecommerce Experts. We’re Marketing Experts. We’re Business Experts.

Our Story

Brand Labs makes its home in Rochester, Michigan — just north of Detroit. We always say “just north of Detroit” for a couple of reasons. First of all, our standard method to describe our location (holding up our right hand and pointing to the heel of our palm) doesn’t translate well to non-Michiganders. Secondly, we have a great deal of pride in our blue-collar roots.

We know business from the inside out…

Brand Labs didn’t start out as an eCommerce service provider. We were born when Kevin Harman (our co-founder) gathered a team to help him build a strong online presence for his family’s manufacturing business. Operating since the sixties, the Harman Corporation was very well-established, but needed a way to talk to their customers in this new, tech-centric century. They needed a website that could educate their clients about their manufacturing capabilities while it simultaneously gathered leads for the sales staff. The task fell to Dane Downer (our other co-founder). He and his team created the new site and by the time they were done, they realized that they’d become a pretty remarkable web design resource.

Our next project was the creation of RedHatsAndMore.com — our own ecommerce site devoted to serving the members of the Red Hat Society. To make a long story short, the site quickly became the number one Red Hat store on the Internet, ultimately becoming the official store of the Red Hat Society. In the process of that explosive growth, we learned a great deal about ecommerce, online marketing, data-driven design and (perhaps most importantly), we learned a lot about SAAS ecommerce platforms.

We’re Volusion merchants — just like you…

When we began our foray into ecommerce, we started with our own custom-built shopping platform. It worked well and helped us move ahead of our competitors, but we were spending more time fixing and updating it than we were on our actual business. We needed a shopping cart platform that could grow as we did. After a great deal of investigation, we decided that a SAAS ecommerce platform was the right choice for our business. We immediately began to tweak and customize a platform to suit our specific needs and from that exploration, our business model was born.

Brand Labs Quick Facts

  • Certified BigCommerce Partner
  • Volusion Certified Elite Expert
  • Shopify Partner
  • Google Analytics & Google AdWords Certified
  • Developers of AutoResponderMax

Brand Labs creates custom ecommerce solutions for manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers. We pride ourselves on the development of unique ecommerce sites that meet our clients’ very specific needs — even when those needs extend beyond the world of ecommerce. For example, we can integrate your ecommerce platform with third party applications, even your own proprietary ones, allowing you to use the platform as a hub for your entire business. As a matter of fact, we’ve become so good at what we do that we’ve become partners with BigCommerce, Volusion and Shopify, helping them to meet the needs of their larger retailers.

So, we’re ecommerce platform experts (that much is indisputable) but that simply isn’t enough to excel in the unforgiving world of 24/7 ecommerce. Ecommerce doesn’t end when your site goes live. It’s an ongoing effort and it requires a strong understanding of every element of online marketing. From search engine optimization to social media to paid search, there are a lot of bases to cover and we have in-house experts in every imaginable ecommerce discipline. And we’re not just experts… we’re certified experts. Brand Labs is Google Analytics and Google AdWords certified. All of this expertise in charming, little Rochester, Michigan (just north of Detroit).

The Founders

Kevin Harman

Kevin Harman

Cofounder / CEO

As a manufacturer, wholesaler, online retailer and marketer, Kevin Harman knows business — inside and out. His hobbies include smiling broadly and the dramatic overuse of the word “vertical.”

Dane Downer

Dane Downer

Cofounder / President

Dane Downer has been working in eCommerce for almost as long as the industry has existed. His expertise extends beyond Volusion to include kayaking, hiking and the care of horse-sized dogs.