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The Importance Of Having A Well Designed Company Logo

Brand Labs does not only deal with ecommerce as a science — as our name implies, we also deal with your company’s brand as a science. We’ve had many customers since we began back in 2006 (500+). Aside from what we already knew about the importance of having a well designed logo, we’ve learned something else… having a good ecommerce logo design on your website can increase conversions! In the next few paragraphs we’re going to explain why having a good looking logo is so important and why it can persuade visitors to make a purchase.

Your company logo is your company’s face to the world. It’s one of the first things someone will see when they visit your website or look at your product packaging. A unique logo is one of the main ways people remember your company. It should link your website with your marketing materials. It should give those who see it a feeling for what your company does just by looking at it. It should give people a sense of trust to buy from your company.

If your company is a startup, after deciding on a name and a business plan, one of the next things you should consider is having a logo designed by a professional graphic designer. At Brand Labs we pride ourselves on our design abilities. It’s one of the reasons we got into building ecommerce sites in the first place. We took a look at so many online stores and saw that they looked terrible. We wondered how they were able to stay in business. We knew that if we weren’t comfortable ordering products from websites that used a poorly designed default store template with a logo that was created with a simple font typed in Microsoft Word, then thousands of other people would be nervous, too. We knew that we could help these companies do better, increase site visitors, and increase revenue.

Take a look at some of the logo comparisons below. These companies all came to Brand Labs because of our reputation as an agency that can take their online business to the next level with our expertise in design for ecommerce.

Shadetree Power Sports logo

Cool Tools logo

eUndies logo

MX Megastore logo

We’ve seen many studies about how visitors view websites. The majority of people always start from the top left corner and move across and down in a kind of F pattern. Typically, a logo is placed in the top left corner of a website because that is the first place people look. If someone is a first-time visitor to your site, you want to present them with a professional look to make them feel at ease with purchasing something from a company that has been and will be around for a while. If someone is a return visitor, you want them to feel comfortable that they are visiting the same site where they previously had a great online shopping experience. The placement of the logo in your site’s header is important to give people that anchor of confidence they need to make a purchase.

You don’t need to be a big company and spend a ton of money to have a great logo, but even big companies need to be careful when changing their overall branding strategy. Take Gap as an example. They went through a logo redesign process to try to “modernize” and re-energize their brand. What happened instead was, shall we say, not good and Gap reversed their decision and reinstated the old logo.

Gap logo

It’s easy to see why: the new logo lacked character, originality and thought. If you’re looking for someone to design a new logo for your company, make sure it is someone that has proven they do great work. However, it is also important to keep an open mind during the design process. While you know more about your company (and probably your target market as well) than the designer you hire, a good designer should know what kind of look and feel will work best for you without jumping on the latest trend. Your logo should be something that will stand the test of time and not need to be redesigned every few years because it’s trying to be “hip.”

Take a look at your current logo. Ask yourself what it says about your company. Does it look professional? Is it memorable? Is it appropriate for your type of business? If you are unsure about any of these, a redesign might be something to think about. Money spent now on a well conceived, impeccably designed logo will show a return for years and years to come.

Brand Labs goes through an extensive research and design process when we’re hired to design a logo. We begin by talking directly to you about your brand and where you want to take it. Even though we’ll work through many sketches and concepts internally, we’re only going to show you the concepts that we think work best for your company. It’s our job to create, through science, what we think will make your company unique in a sea of competition.

BOGO Bowl Feeds Needy Dogs With the Help of Their New Volusion Store

We can’t explain BOGO Bowl better than they do it themselves:

“We believe all dogs – whether they’re in their forever home or waiting to find one – deserve high quality nutrition. That’s why we make it easy for dog lovers to help at-risk dogs in their own communities by doing something they’re already doing – buying great food for their best friend! By working together, we provide food to shelters and rescues giving dogs the time they need to find the perfect family. How cool is that?”

We think it’s pretty cool.  For every bag of BOGO Bowl dog food you buy, they’ll donate a bag to charity!  It’s a fantastic way to help out our four-legged friends in need.  Visit their new Volusion store to get some great dog food and to do your bit for the world’s needy pooches.


Oh Boy! Jerry Leigh Launches Mickey Mouse-Filled Volusion Site

Jerry Leigh's Volusion store designed and developed by Brand LabsJerry Leigh is one of the largest producers of licensed souvenirs & apparel in the United States.  Based in Orlando, Florida, they’re well positioned to serve their target market: tourist destinations.  That’s right – they make the things that cause your suitcase to be dramatically overstuffed on the way home from your vacation.  The next time you’re jumping up and down on your Samsonite in an effort to squeeze in that Donald Duck water bottle, you can thank Jerry Leigh.

Other than the fact that Mickey Mouse is always fun, there’s another good reason to talk about Jerry Leigh’s new Volusion store: it’s not a retail outlet.  It’s a wholesale site that can only be utilized by preregistered clients.  That’s not necessarily earth-shattering news (that a wholesaler would use Volusion to better serve their clients) but it’s worth pointing out when it happens simply because there are far too many wholesalers out in the world that have failed to recognize what a useful tool an ecommerce site can be.  There are wholesalers out there (you know who you are) who still take orders over the phone while working from a printed catalog.  We know the old ways can be comforting, but come on!  It’s the 21st century for crying out loud!  Put down the invoice pad and pick up your mouse!*

*Don’t actually “pick up” the mouse or it won’t work.  We’d like to assume that you already knew that, but if you’re a wholesaler without an ecommerce site, there’s a chance that the operational subtleties of the personal computer are entirely baffling to you.

Volusion Deal Of The Day… Or Is It The Deal Of Yesterday?

Deal of the Day for's Back to the Future-themed Volusion store – designed and developed by Brand isn’t just the Internet’s leading dealer of Back to the Future-related merchandise, they also happen to be an old Brand Labs customer.  We designed their current site and just recently we created a great new Deal of the Day page using Volusion’s built in functionality.

Deal of the Day is a proven way to engage your regular customers and encourage repeat visits, which is perfect for a site dedicated to a series of movies about returning and returning and returning.

If you aren’t currently using Volusion’s Deal of the Day, you’re missing a great opportunity to build loyalty and move product.  You’re also missing the chance to…

… this is usually the point at which we’d say something clever and quote the movie or something like that, but you know what?  For all of its deep impact on popular culture, Back to the Future is almost entirely devoid of catchphrases except for ones that only make sense in context, so we’ll just end here by saying:

Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.

See?  It just doesn’t work.  Our apologies.

Volusion Goes Old School

Old School Tees new Volusion site designed and developed by Brand LabsEnsuring that hipsters and nerds are not walking around topless, frightening the general populace with their pasty white skin and ironic shoulder tattoos, Old School Tees is more of a public service organization than a Volusion store.

If you’re looking for a wide variety of ways to prove to the world that you’re not likely to be running for public office any time soon, Old School Tees can hook you up.  Perhaps a sexually suggestive Fred Flintstone shirt will do the trick.  If not, the perhaps a mildly sacrilegious Big Lebowski tee?  Either way, Old School Tees is ready to put something on your chest that’s quite a bit funnier than the large food stains that usually reside there.

New Volusion Website for Aggressive Mall

The uninitiated might immediately assume that Aggressive Mall is a documentary about the insane cultural phenomenon commonly known as Black Friday.  Its a totally fair assumption, but it’s also totally wrong.

Aggressive Mall is a Volusion store (designed & developed by us, in case that wasn’t completely obvious)  dedicated entirely to skate culture – and when we say “skate” we’re talking specifically about rollerblades and everything related to them.  Apparel, parts, accessories, magazines, DVDs; Aggressive Mall has it all.  They can even build a custom pair of rollerblades to your specifications.  There’s only one critical thing that that their comprehensive selection doesn’t offer: catastrophic medical coverage.  Insurance is for cowards and leftists anyway.

Luna-C Clothing Launches New Volusion Store

As promised, we’re going to start catching you up on what we’ve been up to while we’ve been rebuilding our site.

Luna-C isn’t just a Volusion store – it’s a brand, offering a full line of exclusive men’s apparel inspired by the world of professional racing.  The inspiration isn’t just skin deep, either.  Luna-C also takes its cues from racing when choosing the high-tech fabrics they use to create their products.  Utilizing the latest advances in UV protection, weatherproofing and self-cleaning fabrics, Luna-C definitely puts its money where its mouth is.  Add in the undeniable cool of high-strength carbon fiber and this may well be the most future-y, macho clothing line ever created.  It’s like these are the clothes that spacemen wear when they go cruising for ladies.

… like those guys in the picture.  They’re clearly astronauts… race-car-driving astronauts.

New Volusion Store for Mariell Wholesale Bridal

Custom Volusion template for Mariell Wholesale Bridal Supply by Brand LabsSpring may well be the first season that springs* to mind when you think of weddings, but autumn has its charms.  Spring is delightful for its brash showiness, but autumn has depth – sophistication.  The same could be said for autumn brides.  Just ask our own autumn bride, Mariell.

Our latest custom Volusion store design client is Mariell, a bridal manufacturer and wholesaler.  Founded in 1987,  their bridal accessories are available in nearly 4000 retailers nationwide and their new Volusion site will offer all of those clients easy access to their enormous inventory. This is all very good news for anyone who’s in the market for 10 dozen rhinestone-covered fascinators, and who isn’t these days?

Congratulations on your new site, Mariell!

*Some puns are nearly unavoidable.  Apologies.

Custom Volusion Product Page – Build an Outfit

Restyling the product page is one of the most common custom Volusion programming requests we receive.  We understand completely.  When you’re building your brand identity you don’t want the effort to stop at the product page.  That’s why we’re so excited about the custom Volusion product page we just completed for Willow Street Boutique.

Willow Street is a fashion apparel site and since they’re all about creating that special look, they asked us to help them by creating a way to show that complete look on their product pages.  They wanted to have the ability to prominently feature items related to the one on the current product page so that the customer could make a whole outfit without backtracking.  So if you’re looking at a skirt, you could see the top & shoes that would complete the look.  It’s a fantastic way to increase add-on sales… if only there were some way to make it happen… wait.  There is.  Hire us.

Check out the custom solution we created after the jump…


love2brew Gets a Delicious, Golden, Refreshing Volusion Site

New site design for love2brew on the Volusion shopping platform – designed by Brand LabsBeer makes everything better – bowling, Oktoberfest, dinner with the in-laws, ecommerce… everything.

love2brew is dedicated to beer – like massively dedicated.  They can sell you beer brewing equipment, beer ingredients, beer books… pretty much everything except for actual beer beer.

In addition to providing everything you need to make your own personal brew, the site can teach you how to make it happen via love2learn – the love2brew knowledge base.

So, if you’re interested in beer for reasons other than just drinkin’ it, love2brew was built for you.

Side note: look at that glass over there!  Look at it!  It just makes us want to lick the screen!

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