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A Shameless Plug For Brand Labs’ Volusion Design


Okay… we bolded that… and we did the italics, too.  We may also have added the underlining thing – but the CAPITAL LETTERS came straight from Tony at BookPal.  The sentiment comes straight from BookPal, too.   In honor of BookPal’s shameless enthusiasm (and their unsolicited endorsement), we offer this:



Brand Labs is the King of Custom Development

3D Facebook Like Button by Brand Labs - The Volusion Experts 

Aaron at Unichip kinda loves us.  Don’t take our word for it.  Let’s see what he has to say about it.

“Brand labs is the king of custom development.

If I won the lottery I would spend half the money on having Brand Labs do all our website development.  Their support is outstanding and staff is always ready to tackle any project no matter what.  They are always willing to work with you even if your budget won’t allow you to do the things you need done right away.

With our company, we require a lot of pages that meet our every day demand for our customers and Brand Labs helps achieve this without any hesitation or refusal of projects or tasks. They are number one in Unichip’s book.”

There you go.  We’re number onethe king the big daddy poobahs of ecommerce!

(Editor’s note: Aaron didn’t actually say that last one, but it was totally implied.)


The Spotted Cat Company Sends Brand Labs an Edible Testimonial

Spotted Cat Company shows love for Brand Labs and VolusionThere are two things we’d like to make note of about this picture:

First, look at the size of the frigging ENORMOUS tin of popcorn that was sent to our staff by The Spotted Cat Company as a holiday gift and thank you for the work we’ve done with their store and its marketing.  Seriously… that thing is bigger than an above average-sized Peruvian Capybara (look it up).  It’s bigger than the hole in Bernie Madoff’s soul.  It’s bigger than what would normally be considered a really big tin of popcorn.  The point is that it’s super big.

Second, we’d like to point out that Dane is doing nothing to help Vera hold the popcorn up.  Nothing.  Her knuckles are actually white and he’s just standing there looking suave, while Vera grits her teeth against the monstrous weight of all that flipping corn.

Well, thanks Spotted Cat!  We guarantee that the tin is a helluva lot less heavy now than it was when we got it.  We cannot say the same for our thighs.

Yet Another Edible Testimonial – This Time From Book Pal

Our customers have us completely figured out.  Brand Labs is a machine that runs on sugar and booze. At least Book Pal seems to have figured it out…

We’re currently building a whole new site for Book Pal and as an early thank you gift for all of our work, they sent along a lovely gift basket covering the entire spectrum of sugary treats, from jellybeans to donut holes.  It’s like a magical wonderland of deliciousness.  We’re considering eating the basket itself, based on the theory that it must have soaked up some sugar in the delivery process.

We’re still in the process of building and developing the new site, but in the meantime, you should go to the old site and order a bunch of books.

… because we need more muffins.

Thanks Book Pal!

Volusion Gets a Fresh Breath of Essential Air

Essential Air ( has a whole new Volusion store thanks to Brand Labs. We could go on and on about their remarkable products that are sure to improve the quality of your life, but today we’re feeling a bit self centered, so we just wanna talk about us, and since we’re also feeling lazy, we’re going to let Essential Air do the talking:

“I was a very particular client – I had in my mind what I wanted in the design of my logo as well as my site and Tim surpassed my expectations. He was the epitome of professional, timely, creative and relevant. He and Dane listened to me, understood what I wanted and proceeded to blow me away. Vera ensured exceptional communication and project management throughout the process and continues to be exceptionally helpful in the nuances of Volusion. I’d recommend Brand Labs to anyone…”

We’ll just leave it at that. Thanks Essential Air!

Acure Organics Totally LOVES Us

Some time ago, we posted about how Acure Organics was doing their level best to give us type 2 diabetes to thank us for the work we’d begun on their project.  Well, since that time, their new Volusion site has launched and it would be fair to say they’re pleased with our work.  How do we know that for sure?  Well, we’ll let them do the talking.  Directly from the organic horse’s mouth comes this quote:

“Thanks! You all are the best company I have ever done business with hands down”

That seems pretty darn definitive if you ask us, but you don’t have to ask us.  Go to Acure Organics and ask them… and buy some fantastic bath and body products while you’re there.

Thanks Acure and welcome to the family!

Geez, Volusion… Why Don’t You Just Marry Us Already?

Volusion just launched their new website and we’re pretty sure they’re hitting on us.

If you click around the site, you’ll get to see a decent amount of Brand Labs designs mixed in as examples of the sort of fantastic sites that can be created for the platform… including the most prominent example on the landing page for the Showcase Gallery itself: National Geographic UK.  That’s one of ours!

Also, though they’re a bit harder to make out in the background, they’ve also included the Red Hat Society Store and, two of our oldest clients.

Click through to see some more of our work featured on Volusion’s new site…


We Think Is Trying To Get Us Drunk

We’ve posted before about the tasty-monials we’ve received from clients to thank us for work we’ve done for them, but today marks a new era… the Booze Era.

We recently completed some merchandising for and in order to express their gratitude for a job well done, they sent an empty bottle of Grey Gooosh to ush.  It prolly had shome booze in it at shome point, but it’sh empty now, shomehow…

… you know what?  We love you, man.  No, no… lishen to ush.  We mean it.  Really.  You’re the besht.  Thanksh for jusht being sho aweshome, man.

… you wanna go get shome pancakesh?

Volusion Runs to Surf City

Our latest site launch,, is among our more unique offerings.  Part brochure site, part eCommerce store, part event registration, RunSurfCity is a hybrid, running entirely on Volusion.

This content-rich site was a bit of a structural anomaly, as it revolves entirely around a single annual event.  Visitors to the site can learn about the event and its history, register to participate and buy Surf City Marathon-related merchandise.  If nothing else, it proves that Volusion allows for a wide range of business models and does so seamlessly (with a little assist from our custom development team).

We’re pretty excited about the site and as we sit here in Michigan, where the sun has only recently returned from its winter vacation, we’re completely seduced by the images of sandy beaches and the crystal-clear Pacific (not to mention the promise of free beer).  Plus, we should probably be considering a plan to work off the goodies from our previous post.  As for how the client feels about the site?  We’ll let them speak for themselves:

“The Brand Labs team exceeded our very high expectations for design and custom development. We enjoyed working with the Brand Labs team and plan to utilize their services for additional store designs.”

– Don Gerould; Surf City USA Marathon

Welcome to the Brand Labs Family, Surf City!  We look forward to a long and sunny relationship!

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