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Dual-Site Shopping Carts Make Buying Meaningless Items Like Neckties That Much Easier

Typically, the only time we break out our neckties here at Brand Labs is if we’re dressing up as Gomez during our monthly Addams Family-themed business meetings. On all other occasions, that whole cloth-choker-around-the-neck type deal isn’t really our thing. But, being the ecommerce junkies we are, that doesn’t mean we weren’t intrigued when we heard that and had implemented a shared shopping cart experience between their two sites.

According to an article from PRWeb, these two highly-trafficked, accessory-based online retailers have linked together to help customers laterally shop amongst their respective products with ease. Prior to this tag-team effort, certain companies like Banana Republic had implemented similar cross-selling strategies with partners, but what separates these two Wild Attire Inc. properties from their more notable competition is that their customers can seamlessly shop between both sites within the same tab and never lose their shopping cart spot when navigating from one property to another. The functionality is a minor addition to the domains, but has turned out a huge response. Despite launching this e-merger only this earlier this year, referral traffic from to has already risen by 50%, while overall sales figures for 2012 could increase average order rates by 25%. Not too shabby for a couple places that sell loose fabric you wrap around your neck, huh?

Although we personally haven’t bought any attire from either of the two sites, we did experiment with the navigation and agree that being able to bounce back and forth between carts while browing is quite nice and would definitely help keep our ideas intact while doing frantic and thoughtless Christmas shopping for ten people at once on December 23rd. Not like we would ever do that or anything.

What do you think, is a cross-selling shopping cart between two ecommerce retailers like this something you’d like to see more shops use? Or, is this just another feature you feel is simply trying to lure you into buying more products you don’t need?

We’ll See You at IRCE 2012 Next Week!

Ecommerce Economic Defense InitiativeThat’s right – Brand Labs will be exhibiting at the Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition 2012 at McCormick Place West in Chicago, Illinois!  We’ll be in booth #1133 right next door to our besties, Volusion.  Our biggest bigwigs, Kevin Harman and Dane Downer will be in attendance along with senior account managers Katelyn Stanis and Ryan Forrest.  They’ll be working the booth all day and the dance floor all night.  You should definitely drop by if you’re looking for some high-quality ecommerce knowledge or some wicked sick dubstep.

Also in attendance will be Pauline Turner, our creative director.  She’ll be roaming the show floor and attending conferences as part of the Ecommerce Economic Defense Initiative street team.  She’ll be accompanied by an impossibly large hippie who may or may not be some sort of ex-convict that we hired as a temp off of craigslist.  If you see them, be sure to ask for the official EEDI swag that they’ll be handing out.

So if you’re an existing customer, but we’ve never met in person, come to booth 1133 and say hi!  If you’re not a customer yet, come by to find out why you should be.  As a matter of fact, no matter who you are you should stop by!  We can tell you about the huge contest we’re about to launch.  It’s really huge.  Like change-the-course-of-your-business huge.  It’s worth your time.

… and if you see the giant hippie, don’t look him directly in the eyes.


Brand Labs at MozCon Seattle Seminar

Brand Labs is on the road again!  Our VP, Dane Downer, is (at this very moment) at the sold-out MozCon in Seattle, Washington.  He’s there to commune with some of the biggest brains in the world of the Interwebs.  He’ll be stealing all of their knowledge (and any magical SEO-related charms and talismans they may have) and bringing his newfound marketing super-powers back to Brand Labs for the exclusive benefit of our customers.

Scheduled to appear at the three day conference are speakers from Facebook, Apogee, Audette Media and SEOmoz  (and many more!)  They’ll be discussing the latest SEO techniques and tools, learning about SEOmoz’s latest, secret offering(s) and networking under the famous gray, drippy skies of the American Northwest.

If you’re in Seattle and you’d like to meet up with Dane, just shoot him an email at  He’ll be the guy in the flannel shirt, hanging outside the coffee shop and listening to Pearl Jam.

Tech Magic in Detroit

Magic Johnson is no stranger to Michigan.  In addition to growing up in Lansing (our state capitol), he started his meteoric rise to the top of the basketball world at Michigan State University.  He’s also been a force in the Detroit business community, opening theaters and coffee shops around the city and its suburbs.  Today he took that one step further.  Via TechCrunch:

“NBA legend Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson this morning announced that he is joining and investing in Detroit Venture Partners, a VC firm that invests in seed and early-stage technology companies primarily located in the heart of downtown Detroit, as its fourth general partner.

The Hall of Fame basketball star will be working with the founders of the firm, namely Quicken Loans founder (and Cleveland Cavaliers owner) Dan Gilbert, ePrize founder Josh Linkner and investor Brian Hermelin, and invest ‘millions of dollars’ in the fund, according to the PR.”

With the recent shift in the public perception of Detroit – from vast wasteland to land of boundless possibilities – we’re fast becoming the center for new growth in the post-recession world.  Buy your skyscraper now before they’re all spoken for!

Via TechCrunch


EcoMower’s Andy Humphrey on ABC’s Shark Tank – April 29

Shark Tank's April 29, 2011 broadcast will feature Andy Humphrey of was one of our first clients and to this day remains one of our bestest business friends, so you can only imagine our excitement when we learned that EcoMowers’ founder, Andy Humphrey, would be appearing on Shark Tank on ABC next Friday (April 29).

The show gives entrepreneurs like Andy the opportunity to pitch their ideas to a panel of investors in the hope of getting their backing.  It’s a great concept and makes for some damn fine TV.

Andy won’t tell us what the outcome of his appearance was, so we’ll have to find out along with the rest of the world next Friday.  Our money’s on Andy coming out on top.  Be sure to watch and see!

Brand Labs Attends Search Engine Strategies Conference

Brand Labs Understands Search Engine StrategiesEver eager to stay up on all of the latest Interweb news and techniques, we dispatched a pair of Brand Labs representatives to San Francisco last week for the 2010 Search Engine Strategies conference.

These were not just any ol’ Brand Labs flunkies sent to soak up a free week of Rice-A-Roni and hemp t-shirts, but our Vice President, Dane Downer and Online Marketing Specialist, Jackie McClelland, on a mission to expand their already formidable knowledge of all things having to do with SEO.  They’re shown here attending one of the many seminars and symposia that severely cut into their sightseeing while simultaneously confirming that we totally know what we’re doing.

Brand Labs Founders to Attend IRCE Next Week

Dane Downer and Kevin Harman (our vice president and president, respectively) will be attending the Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition at McCormick Place West in Chicago next week.  They’ll be there for all four days of the conference and would love to meet up with any of our current (or potential) customers who are interested in chatting about eCommerce.

If you’d like to set something up, you can email Dane at or Kevin at, or just look for these happy, smiling faces on the show floor (Dane’s on the left, Kevin on the right).  They’re prepared at all times to drop some eCommerce knowledge.


Speaking of Google…

Google is doing everything in their power to invade every single screen you own.  For now, their efforts are focused on your television screen, but next they’ll be moving on to your window screens, fireplace screens and those sifting screens that old-time gold prospectors use.

(via Google)

Procter & Gamble Enters Direct-To-Consumer Market

Consumer product super-conglomerate Procter & Gamble has just jumped into the direct-to-consumer market with the launch of their generically-named eStore.

The impact of this move on the retail world is potentially huge; it threatens the (already waning) relevance of brick & mortar stores by (again, potentially) undercutting them pretty dramatically on price.  This early effort doesn’t seem to be pushing the envelope on that front, but time will tell how low online prices can go when the middle man is removed from the equation.

… we see a couple of takeaways relative to our personal business model.  First, we’ve already been experiencing a rise in manufacturers entering into DTC marketing and it’s something that we encourage.  There’s no better way to control your brand by talking directly to your consumers.  Second, should this trend catch on, it will become a lot easier for all online merchants to compete.  It levels the playing field.  If all (or most) of your competition is online, you can compete head-to-head, without having to concern yourself with the apples to oranges comparisons that come with competing against brick & mortar operations.

(via TechCrunch)

Brand Labs at LessConf 3010 Today and Tomorrow

From the LessConf 3010 website:

LessConf is a conference with talks ranging from startups to design to marketing to business. It’s a casual two-day event in Atlanta, Georgia with awesome speakers here to inspire you.

That sounds good.  We’re in.  As a matter of fact, our president, Kevin Harman will be attending both days of the conference.

So, if you see a guy that looks just like this, feel free to come right on up and say hi.  He’ll happily answer your questions about Volusion, eCommerce, online marketing or the proper way to serve Corona.

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